Equity Crowdfunding Traction

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Why Equity Crowdfunding Traction is Critical to Crowdfunding Success.

To scare you straight on how important equity crowdfunding traction is let’s visit the graveyard of dead or dying equity crowdfunding platforms.  In all fairness, there are a few platforms listed that are active – a few are vibrant.  Most aren’t.  The vast majority are dead.  Some dead on arrival.

Equity crowdfunding traction is the single largest factor in determining crowdfunding success.  This applies to equity crowdfunding platforms and all of the campaigns listed on them.  The best present-day example I can think of is this review on YieldTalk. Whatever your level of interest in equity crowdfunding might be, this review is must reading.  Not only is there much to learn, there’s much to entertain you along the way.

That review exemplifies the axiom “Motion creates emotion” which is why equity crowdfunding traction is so important.  Why is Tesla steadily up for months on end bringing so many investors to an orgasmic state? Why is Microsoft stock rewarding investors with gains approaching 40%? Let’s switch to a boring stock – Proctor and Gamble doesn’t have a stable of sexy brands or products;  Laundry detergent.  Diapers.  Shaving cream.  Toothpaste.  Deodorant.  A product to help you go poo.  Not a sexy slate of offerings, right? Too right.  But what does P&G have? Traction.

That said, investing in a clothing brand at the present time would be unwise as every participant in the clothing supply chain has seen demand for new clothes drop into free fall.  The reasons why should be astute to even the imbeciles in the business world.

All told there are many investments that should have and indeed deserve crowdfunding traction.

Here’s one example: a client who hired us 5 weeks ago…

Equity Crowdfunding TractionThe source of any traction — equity crowdfunding traction or any other kind – grows from the seed of belief.  BELIEF that the offering(s) from the company will generate profits.  The P&G example may seem a bit unfair these days in light of Covid-19 and the borderline-psychotic run on personal paper products.   P&G was perfectly positioned considering that their stable of thoroughbreds includes Bounty Paper Towels as well as Charmin and Puffs toilet paper. “Shit happens” has more than one meaning, obviously.

Equity Crowdfunding Traction


No pun intended on the picture above depicting skid marks.  The point is; a good and solid offer can gain traction and burn rubber in accelerating from unknown to the fast lane of raising capital in under ten seconds.  And how does THAT happen? It starts with hiring Crowdfund Buzz for crowdfunding promotion