Equity Crowdfunding Public Relations

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Equity Crowdfunding Public Relations is the Clear Path to Investors.

Equity Crowdfunding Public Relations


Equity crowdfunding promotion is done very differently than promoting a crowdfunding campaign that is rewards-based (vis a vis Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) We do crowdfunding PR for both reward and equity crowdfunding campaigns so we fully understand the dynamics of each and the best crowdfunding promotion practices for both. Typical reward crowdfunding marketing techniques won’t work and indeed can’t be applied to promoting an equity crowdfunding campaign due to very specific SEC rules and regulations. That means that typical online advertising won’t fly when you’re trying to attract investors. Think about it. If you run Facebook ads or a Google Adwords campaign you can reach a massive market of potential consumers. That could be lucrative, albeit expensive, in attracting backers to a reward crowdfunding campaign but that’s not going to be of any real help to promoting an equity crowdfunding campaign.

That’s because recent studies by CNBC and Gallup indicate that roughly half of Americans DO NOT INVEST. That makes it clear that advertising an equity crowdfunding campaign is not only expensive but also inefficient. So how do you reach equity crowdfunding investors in such a way as to make every dollar you spend on crowdfunding promotion work very hard for you?

Equity crowdfunding public relations. More specifically, you run equity crowdfunding PR with Crowdfund Buzz. That’s because we guarantee that news of your equity crowdfunding campaign will appear on the most valuable real estate on the internet: the business news and investing news sections of news and media websites across the United States. That’s exciting, isn’t it?

What’s the most exciting aspect of equity crowdfunding PR is how cost effective it is. Check out the cost comparisons we made in this article and you’ll quickly see that crowdfunding public relations can save your company tens of thousands of dollars while reaching many more people that are much more qualified far faster. Pay close attention to the coverage we scored for the client mentioned on CNBC and in Forbes based on just one press release. That’s what makes equity crowdfunding public relations so much more powerful than any other method of promoting a crowdfunding campaign.

In as much as we’re publicists and we’re big on writing we also realize that a picture really is worth a thousand words. Therefore check out the statistics of a single equity crowdfunding public release we published almost exactly a year ago — March 7, 2016…


You can read the press release that generated these startling statistics here.

Nearly 79,000 people read that equity crowdfunding public release since the day we published it a year ago. Using the same calculations we displayed on the case study mentioned earlier, IntelliStay would’ve had to have paid Google over $78,000 for the same number of clicks OR a similar amount of money on Facebook ads. But they didn’t. They simply purchased our Pro plan which is currently priced at only $999.

In other words, with Crowdfund Buzz you gain access to the perfect target audience for equity crowdfunding in 48 hours or less while saving a lot of money. As an added bonus you get ample opportunities for substantial earned media with the biggest business and finance media outlets. We’ve gotten crowdfunding projects featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, Fox News among many others and we can do the same for you.

While we’re on the topic we feel it necessary to mention we’ve been running equity crowdfunding PR campaigns for years. And not just crowdfunding campaigns but entire crowdfunding platforms themselves. With Crowdfund Buzz running your equity crowdfunding public relations campaign you’re working with the most experienced crowdfunding PR firm in the world that can deliver superior results for far less money.