Equity Crowdfunding PR

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Equity Crowdfunding PR – The Surest Way to Reach More Investors and Raise More Capital

When it comes to promoting an equity crowdfunding campaign Facebook ads are all the rage.  As a result it looks like equity crowdfunding PR is taking a backseat when it comes to crowdfunding promotion  That’s tragic as so many potential investors never get to learn of your investment opportunity and the crowdfunder is leaving a lot of money on the table they would otherwise have raised for their company.

Equity crowdfunding PR closes the gap and gets news of your offering in front of far more people far faster than advertising alone.

When we get news of your crowdfunding project syndicated in nearly 400 news websites across the United States, you’re reaching a combined readership of approximately 40 million people.  Facebook ads will never give you that kind of potential reach even if you spent $1,000 per day on ads.

Then there’s the direct media pitches we make to show producers, business editors and reporters to get the spotlight on your campaign.

Imagine the impact on your funding raise if you’re live on a top ten business show broadcast from one of the largest radio stations in New York City reaching a nationwide audience.  The tangential benefits include building your brand and attracting new customers.  That’s the power of equity crowdfunding PR at work.

Equity Crowdfunding PR


During your show appearance people are talking; on Twitter, on Facebook or maybe even on the phone.  Nobody talks about an ad they saw unless it’s a Superbowl commercial.  The next day at work co-workers are talking, friends are telling friends and suddenly news of your equity crowdfunding campaign becomes the word on the street.  Equity crowdfunding PR makes it possible for a campaign to go viral, not an advertisement.

Imagine an appearance on CNBC (one of our favorites) or a featured article in The Wall Street Journal.  Let your imagination run wild with the possible opportunities waiting for you.

We believe that advertising is important and is a necessary component for crowdfunding success but it should never be THE component.  Crowdfunding marketing is an overarching strategy that should incorporate advertising with a stronger emphasis on equity crowdfunding PR.