Episode 14: Equity Crowdfunding with Nathan Rose

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Nathan Rose is a rising star in the global equity crowdfunding scene thanks to his strong financial background in investment banking cultivated during his tenure at Forsyth Barr. As founder and director of Assemble Advisory, Nathan provides consulting, training and coaching to help clients every step of the way in planning and executing an equity crowdfunding campaign.

Bernardo Pereira

He is the author of Equity Crowdfunding: The Complete Guide For Startups And Growing Companies available on Amazon.

Nathan sits down with host Howard Sherman for a one hour podcast on equity crowdfunding exploring reasons why, methods, various laws and regulations, compliance, generating investor interest and everything else anyone pursuing equity crowdfunding would need to know.

Crowdfunding in general is also explored as Nathan and Howard talk about this financial phenomena that is changing the way we bootstrap a business, actually do business, launch new products and services, help those in need and so much more.

Anyone planning an equity crowdfunding campaign or wishing to learn more about crowdfunding altogether will feel like they took a college-level crash course at the end of the hour.



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