Democratizing Finance

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Equity Crowdfunding and the American Dream: Democratizing Finance for All

Equity crowdfunding embodies The American Dream thanks to democratizing finance which is at the heart of every form of crowdfunding.  Social mobility, and access to capital should not be limited by pre-existing wealth. Equity crowdfunding offers a solution to diversify the pool of potential investors, by democratizing finance.

In the past, creating wealth has been a privilege of the wealthy. Finance has been inaccessible to most, as the majority of investment dollars go to white, male-led companies, and everyday investors are predominantly white and affluent. Moreover, 77% of venture capital is concentrated in just three states.

democratizing finance

Equity crowdfunding opens doors to democratizing finance and make wealth accumulation more accessible to more people. In 2012, there were 631,817 businesses in the US less than one year old, and by 2020, the number had grown to 804,398. Changes in investment regulations have enabled non-accredited investors to participate in crowdfunding, allowing them to invest in real estate ownership, lending, startup investing, precious metals, agriculture, hedge funds, peer-to-peer lending, and business lending.

Republic, a fast-growing investment platform, is leading the way towards true democratization by creating a global crowdfunding market. With nine acquisitions since 2019, including RenGen Labs, SheWorx, Fig, Compound, Nextseed, Arora Project, and Seedrs, Republic is challenging the norms of the finance industry.

Equity crowdfunding has the potential to make the American Dream more accessible, and Republic’s efforts to democratize finance will have a visible impact. By encouraging wealth generation by non-accredited investors, Republic is leading the way towards restoring the middle class. Join the movement towards true democratization by utilizing platforms like Republic.

Another crowdfunding platform democratizing finance is WeFunder which has recently made inroads throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union.Molt notable that as of April 24th, 2023 WeFunder has more listed equity crowdfunnding investing opportunities than any platform in the world.